Alexandra (Alex) Kabbourg, EIT

Transportation Engineering Associate

Alexandra (Alex) has experience working on projects involving traffic analysis and safety, transportation planning, and roadway design. She’s been involved in a variety of projects in Arizona and North Carolina, and through her work, has learned to effectively develop solutions to a problem, clearly communicate ideas and findings, and work effectively on a team towards a common goal. She enjoys transportation engineering for the challenge and variety it presents, but mostly, for the potential it has to impact and enhance a community.


In her spare time, she loves traveling, staying active in the outdoors and the gym, and spending time with family and friends.


Raleigh, NC



Years of Experience



  • TSMO/ITS Planning
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Traffic Safety
  • Transportation Planning
  • Report Writing
  • Transportation Engineering Analyst, Alex-Kabbourg of Exult Engineering headshot