Multi-Use Path Design ​

Exult specializes in providing Multi-Use Path and Sidewalk Planning and Design services for projects with local, state or federal funding. We understand the design constraints and opportunities that often come with designing multi-use paths in corridors along streams and wetlands, utility easements, and locations with limited right of way to minimize impacts and provide the public with a safe and enjoyable alternative transportation mode.


Having designed over 24 projects in North Carolina and 12 greenway projects with federal or state funds, we know the permitting process with NCDOT needed to ensure TIP funding is received for local government agencies (LGAs). Exult is able to assist with feasibility and planning studies for multi-use path and sidewalk projects along with the development of construction plans per the NCDOT and AASHTO standards. We have staff certified as an ADA coordinator to assist with the design and compliance to ADA standards.

Multi-Use Design Specialties

  • Master Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary and Final Horizontal/Vertical Designs and Construction Plans
  • Hydraulic and Erosion Control Plan
  • Signing Plans
  • Cost Estimating
  • NCDOT Permitting and Preparation of Construction Contract Documents
  • Management of Survey/Easement/ROW Acquisition
  • Management of Structural Design Elements
  • Management of Landscape Architecture Elements
  • Construction Administration