Environmental Planning‚Äč

Exult Engineering is prepared to perform and manage state Department of Transportation (DOT) projects as well as municipal transportation projects through project development and secure environmental documentation compliant with the NEPA/SEPA process.

We have the experience of working on transportation improvement projects ranging from intersections and bridge replacements to grade-separated realigned roadways and new interchanges. Our Exult team can perform and manage several technical disciplines as part of project development and facilitate public meetings and outreach for your next project.
Parent and child walk on a greenway

Environmental Planning Specialties

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Development
  • Public Meetings & Outreach
  • National/State
  • Environmental Policy Act (NEPA/SEPA)
  • Preliminary Roadway/Highway Design
  • Grade Separated Realigned Roadways & Interchanges