Traffic Engineering

Exult’s traffic engineers specialize in various services to assist with the entitlement process for proposed developments. We also understand transportation needs may arise for existing developments and can assist with identifying cost-effective solutions. We appreciate that each municipality and governing agency has their own, unique set of guidelines to reference in preparation of these traffic engineering deliverables.

Exult is familiar with guidelines set forth by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) as well as local jurisdictions across the state. In addition to assisting private-sector developers with transportation needs, we support local municipalities and DOT’s with traffic engineering services such as the development of signal timing plans, the review of traffic impact studies submitted by other consultants, and traffic forecasting. We believe that responsible, yet fair, development is critical in balancing the traffic and growth demands of our communities.

Exult Engineering has access to and uses the most recent versions of analysis software to complete our traffic impact studies such as Synchro and Highway Capacity Software.

Exult offers traffic forecasting services statewide in North Carolina. Traffic forecasting is an integral element of planning, design, and operations, as it transforms a wide array of traffic, demographic, and economic data into essential information to identify future roadway traffic volumes. From analyzing historic and existing traffic conditions to modifying and running travel demand models for multiple scenarios, we have the expertise to provide the most accurate and realistic forecast possible.

Exult has experience completing traffic forecasts ranging from small bridge replacements to extensive corridors and new location roadways. Our team is also well-versed in many travel demand models used across the state and uses the most recent version of TransCAD and other traffic modeling software.
Exult offers a wide variety of traffic signal design and traffic signal timing services. Our staff has experience designing and timing signals for both public and private sector clients. We prioritize staying updated on the latest standards and technologies, because state and municipal guidelines can vary greatly.

Our team has designed and timed signals nationwide and has experience working with various signal software that equips for a diversification of projects. Our signal designs often include enhanced mobility and safety features such as leading pedestrian intervals (LPIs), flashing yellow arrows (FYAs), and customized ADA compliant ramps.

Specialties Include:
  • Temporary and Final Traffic Signal Designs
  • Multimodal Intersection Upgrades
  • Signal Warrant Analysis
  • Traffic Signal Systems
  • Electrical Detail Plans
  • Traffic Signal Fiber and Splicing Communications Plans
  • Intersection Pavement Marking Plans
  • Signal Timing Studies Before and After Studies
  • Corridor Signal Timing
  • Cost Estimating
Aerial shot of traffic intersection in Durham, North Carolina

Traffic Engineering Specialties

  • Traffic Impact Analysis/Traffic Impact Study
  • Signal Warrant Analysis
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Traffic Signal Timing Plans
  • Accident Data Summary
  • Traffic Impact Assessments
  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Assessment of Traffic Mitigation Measures
  • Preliminary Sight Distance Analysis
  • Site Circulation and Access Assessment
  • Speed Study
  • Intersection Capacity Analysis
  • Transportation Due Diligence for Prospective Development Sites
  • Parking Study/Shared Parking Study
  • Traffic Forecasting
  • Assist in Traffic Component Related to Site Plan Approval/Rezoning Process
  • Trip Generation
  • Assistance in Entitlement Process, including Preparation of Driveway Permit and Encroachment Agreement
  • Roadway Improvement Conceptual Exhibit
  • Road Diet Studies