Communication Systems

Whether communication master planning, designing parking systems, or managing an on-site implementation, we at Exult Engineering, believe that every good endeavor can have a lasting, meaningful impact for our clients and communities. Our firm focuses on the confluence of cutting edge technology and systems engineering. Exult specializes in planning, design, integration and implementation management for airport communication networks.

Exult Engineering has a talented team of communication specialists that regularly provide statewide communication network planning, design, and operations/maintenance program management services. State agencies that our engineers have supported include:

  • North Carolina Department of Transportation
  • Virginia Department of Transportation
  • District of Columbia Department of Transportation
  • Florida Department of Transportation
  • Georgia Department of Transportation

Exult Engineering’s staff is highly versed in both transportation network and Cisco-focused information technology approaches to network design. This enables our team to be a valuable resource to either a Municipal Department of Transportation or Municipal IT team that is planning to develop and manage a City-wide, inside/outside plant fiber network.


Our team is highly-specialized in the development of resilient networks using a variety of different tools and architectures to support municipalities with developing a cost-effective method of maintaining a secure and reliable network. Our team specializes in network master planning, design, construction management, operations program development, and maintenance program development services.


Some municipal agencies that our engineers have most recently supported include:

  • Town of Cary, NC
  • City of Charlotte, NC
  • City of Durham, NC
  • City of Winston-Salem, NC
  • And many others…

Our staff has worked across the country to leverage traditional engineering experience and industry knowledge of cutting edge technologies to assist airports and other public agencies with implementation of streamlined, operationally efficient and sustainable solutions.

Communication System Specialties

  • Inside/Outside-Plant Networks & Data Centers
  • Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems
  • Ground Transportation Management Systems
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems
  • Flight Information Display Systems
  • Advanced Traffic Management Systems Traffic Signal Systems
  • Communication Network Master Planning (Airports, Municipalities, State Agencies)
  • Fiber Optic Network Design
  • Intelligent Transportation System Fiber Optic Networks
  • Traffic Signal System Fiber Optic Networks
  • Broadband Right-of-Way and Construction Management
  • Passive Optical Network Design
  • State and Regional Broadband Network Planning, Design, and Program Management
  • Network Monitoring Software Procurement and Implementation Oversight
  • Fiber Asset Management System Implementation and Program Management
  • Network Repair Work Order Management System Procurement and Implementation Oversight