NC Broadband

The NCDOT Traffic Systems Operations Group for the NC Broadband Fiber Operations, Maintenance and Commercialization Project needed assistance with program management support.​


Exult Engineering is providing program management support to the NCDOT Traffic Systems Operations Group for the NC Broadband Fiber Operations, Maintenance and Commercialization Project. There are two phases to this project, a Design-Build Phase and a Operate-Maintain-Commercialize phase, which will result in 700 miles of fiber optic cable being built along I-95, US 70, and US 74 with two goals:​

  1. Provide enhanced traffic operations along these corridors through enhanced transportation management systems and operations (TSMO)
  2. Enable shared resources through a public-private partnership to encourage extension of broadband to NC’s rural communities.


Exult’s role in the project is to provide an extension of staff to NCDOT for management of the operations, maintenance, and commercialization (OMC) aspects of the project. In this role, Exult is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Development of the Operations & Maintenance specifications for the OMC elements of the Request for Proposal released by NCDOT, which includes a performance-based approach to maintenance of ITS devices and fiber optic cable along the 700 mile corridor. The performance based approach will prioritize 93% or higher uptime for enhanced traffic operations along these corridors.
  • Support with procurement phase services including contractor Q&A, addendums, and contract finalization.
  • Coordination with the  internal NCDOT and Department of Information Technology (DIT) teams to develop an integrated software system to provide asset management, fiber asset management, work order management, and network monitoring systems to automatically detect infrastructure failure and initiate tickets to the contractor for immediate response in accordance with performance-based maintenance program.
  • Development and implementation of statewide fiber asset management platform to support NCDOT with tracking their fiber optic assets both with the NC Broadband project and future projects.
  • Development of internal structure, controls, and technology systems that will enable on-going management of the contract over the next 30-years.
  • Development of a Training Program  of NCDOT and Division staff to enable maintenance of the internal structure for this project both with the initial staff and re-training for staff turnover during the next 30-years.
  • Coordination between a separate Design-Build contract and the OMC contract to enable a seamless transition from construction to operations and maintenance through a well-planned and phased design review, product submittal review,  as-built review, and system acceptance testing process.